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Regina Mills Appreciation Week - Day 1: Favourite Persona - Regina as a mother

Regina had never been shown love by her own mother, never given the life she wanted. Cora controlled every part of her life; she knew no different meaning that at times that reflected on to Henry. Having never had really anyone to confide in or anyone to help her in bringing up Henry, she believed what she was doing was right and became so defensive because in her eyes Henry is the one thing in her life which she did right after being told by her own mother countless of times she was a failure. As the show has progressed Regina has been able to reflect on how she brought Henry up and realised in some ways she had taken control, like her mother had and Henry was rebelling to that. Regina has learnt a lot, in the first gif she says she doesn’t know how to love very well because she was never shown maternal love and I think in some ways she was scared to fully enjoy and love Henry. As time has gone on she’s let Henry grow as a person and seen that growth, seeing he is independent and that she did in fact do a good job in bringing him up, meaning she is able to enjoy and love him even more. When Henry said ‘you’re not a villain, you’re my mom’ to her she realised his perception of her being a villain was gone and he appreciated her as his mom. This had so much of an impact on Regina because she truly believed if she pricked her finger and had the sleeping potion, somehow, someday Henry would come and wake her because she was afraid of becoming the villain after loosing Henry, she didn’t want to let him down by doing that. Regina’s love for Henry is proved by Regina breaking the curse, which was only previously achieved by his maternal mother. By letting Henry grow and make his own choices, he realised how much he loved and needed his mother and Regina realised how much she needed him and his love. She needed him to give her a chance to prove to herself she was capable of love and to be the mother she never had. 

Karen Gillan for Scotland on Sunday’s Spectrum Magazine (07/26/14)

happy 34th birthday to harry james potter. even though he is a fictional character, he affected my life and million of others. i can’t imagine my  life without harry. thank you jk rowling, and happy birthday to you (july 31). born as the s e v e n t h month dies.